Our focus is mainly on Spain and Germany as our
home markets.
We are more than happy to support Product partners
from all over the world.

Spain is an exciting marketplace with very interactive 40 million customers waiting for your services.
The current economic crisis in the spanish Media Industry is offering important opportunities to launch innovative services. Spain is the natural harbour to enter the spanish speaking markets in South and North-America. Many of the spanish Media and Telco Companies are very active in America.
There is a total of almost 500 millon people speaking spanish in the world that you can offer your services to.
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German speaking countries are our second main markets. A total of 90 Million people can be reached in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
We do have access via our networking and Partners to many others countries as well especially in Portugal, UK, France ,Italy, United States among others.
Just get in contact and we will give you an insight how we can help you grow internationally.