Who We Are

We know how to get your offers to new markets, we get together the best value chain and we help you to promote your service to new clients.
We are aware that only results count for you and we help you to get these results home.
Founded in 2006 and counting on more than 20 years of experience in Media, Online and Mobile Business on Sales and Marketing
You can count on our effective team and on our broad network of specialist in the Media and Telco markets.
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What We Do

We do help Product Partners to enter new markets. We only focus on the most innovative, unique and profitable products, content and services!
We help to develop the right strategy to enter new market. With our expertise we will bring the whole value chain together and comercialize it to the right media channels.
That way we are giving to our Media partners an important competetive advantage! We create real added values and Premium Revenues.
We do work on a wide network to leading media and telco companies.
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Services Product Partner

You have worked hard to get your product running! You have shown that it is unique and doing fine in your current market. Now you want to internationalize your business. In order to get it done right from the beginning you are looking for national expertise and the right partner to support. Take advantage of our experience. Contact us now and get an insight into what we can do for you!
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Services Media Partner

Our aim is always to bring you innovation and revenues in interactive services!
We focus only on the most innovative, unique and profitable products, content and services for you! We know that you are always investigating on new services for your clients. You want to increase revenues and interaction with your clients. We know that innovation and high service quality is as important as profitability.
Due to a focused selection of products in other markets we are giving you an important competitive advantage! We always work to create real added Value and Premium Revenues.
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