International Business Development by connectiong people

We help you to enter new international markets and to build your digital business there.

About media D International S.L.

media D was founded in 2006 to become the Specialist for International Business Development for European Startups. We develop digital Business by building connections between people.
After Startups proof to create value in their home markets, they want to scale internationally.
Building up the expertise and resources on entering new markets easily becomes a hard challenge due to cultural differences, language barriers and lacking a trustful network to relevant partners.
mediaD was founded to help startup scale with less pain and getting results faster.
We supported dozens of Startups, many on the edge of Contents and Media and helped to close +600 Partnerships in 5 Continents.
Our core team is supported by a strong network of long year external partners and thousands of Industry contacts in Media and Tech, all over Europe and beyond.
The Company is based in the heart of Spain´s Capital Madrid.

The Founder

My name is Stefan Lange. I was born in Essen, Germany, the capital of the Ruhr Aerea.
From early years I was keen in building bridges between countries. Having worked in different Advertising Agencies, I decided to go to the USA searching adventure and new experiences which I found in New York and Miami.
My studies of Business Economy and Marketing I realized in Germany and Spain before I gained further experiences in the Programme for future Leaderships from Bosch Telecom.
Proud father of two girls and owner of a crazy dog I am living in Madrid, Spain most of the time for the last years.
Before I have lived in 15 Cities and moved 28 times. I travelled to 38 Countries on 4 Continents and speak 3 1/2 languages
On different occasions I enjoyed Saint Jacobs Trial (Camino de Santiago), walking altogether close to 1000km, step by step.
I love reaching new aims, step by step.

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